What We Do

We help our clients stop guessing whether their messaging is effective—and give them the confidence of knowing for sure. Through years of testing high-stakes communications, we’ve helped clients develop winning messages and jettison failing ones. In short, we research…then refine…so our clients’ messages resonate. We will do the same for you.

Why Use Us?


We solve messaging challenges that no one else can. Our clients know from experience that we’re highly skilled in uncovering the hard-to-find, actionable knowledge that helps them win. From in-depth interviews to polling to moment-to-moment dial testing, we employ an extensive toolbox—and we do it smartly, using penetrating interview techniques. And unlike other firms that operate in a social science vacuum, we root our work in the cutting-edge learnings from behavioral science and social psychology.

The people who know our work best say this: 

Marian Hopkins, SVP, Business Roundtable

“Business Roundtable has been relying on Presentation Testing’s high-quality research since 2004. In the intervening years, we’ve derived great value from the many messaging insights Rich and his team have provided to us on a wide range of issues. Rich is thoughtful, trustworthy, responsive, and easy to work with—exactly what an association would want from a vendor.” 

Kevin Seifert, Executive Director, Team Ryan

“Rich Thau has worked with Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans for many years, and he has been instrumental in making sure we communicate complex ideas and policies effectively. The work that Presentation Testing, Inc. performs makes a big impact on issue after issue. Rich and his team at Presentation Testing Inc. are absolute professionals who always get the job done.” 

Mike Shields, President, American Action Network

“I’ve seen firsthand how Rich Thau has earned the respect of leaders in Washington. Through years of conducting insightful messaging research, Rich has helped his clients avoid costly communications mistakes and get their own messages right. And, in a world where many public opinion researchers tweet out every thought, and fight to get face time on TV, Rich stands out precisely because he quietly flies below the radar.” 

Jay Faison, Founder and CEO, ClearPath Foundation

“ClearPath has used Presentation Testing on numerous projects, and we have been thrilled with their professionalism and work product.  Rich Thau really understands how to get into the psyche of voters and pull out deep insights and messages.  We wholeheartedly recommend them.” 

Matthew Haller, SVP of Public Affairs, International Franchise Association

“Presentation Testing helped IFA reframe our messaging in order to resonate with a broader audience amid significant regulatory challenges our membership are confronting. Utilizing a combination of in-depth interviews, dial tests, and national surveys, we were able to build off their research to develop a comprehensive communications and public affairs campaign to improve the awareness and understanding of the franchise business model among key audiences and support our advocacy efforts at a federal, state, and local level.” 

Lisa Harrison, SVP of Communications, American Iron and Steel Institute

“Presentation Testing provided thorough, quality information and messages to help ensure our industry speaks with one voice in our communications and advocacy.  Rich Thau was energetic, committed, and a dynamic resource, and I would recommend Rich and his team for any messaging initiative.”