The technology we use, sale and our methodology for using it, discount gives you a remarkable edge over your competitors. You can know far more—and be more persuasive—than anyone else.

Here’s a medical analogy: Would you rather be treated by a doctor who has access only to a stethoscope, or one who can also conduct an MRI?

To draw the analogy out further, our dial testing service is like taking an MRI of your presentation. We look below the surface, to determine how an audience is reacting moment-to-moment to your messages. Combined with our process of uncovering why an audience reacted well or poorly at particular moments, we help you reach your messaging goals.

There’s a reason some of America’s largest companies—as well as governmental leaders and top trial attorneys—turn to us for our expertise. We drill down to uncover actionable insights, ones no one else can find.

Companies spend millions testing a new product before bringing it to market. Yet, when it comes to testing and refining the presentations designed to sell the product, marketers often skimp—unnecessarily—and with drastic consequences.

Internal brainstorming sessions do not, by themselves, yield the most effective methods of presenting information to clients or consumers. Often-times the product of these sessions is just conjecture. Solid research is key, and the more incisive the research, the more useful the results.