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Dial Technology: Bringing Presentation Development Into The 21st Century

At left is a freeze-frame image from a dial test; right is a hand-held wireless dial used to capture continuous feedback moment-to-moment.

Presentation Testing, Inc. is able to quantify an audience's second-by-second reaction to a speaker's presentation. In this case, the audience was asked to continuously rate the speaker for how understandable he sounded, moment-by-moment.

The image shown above is a freeze-frame image from a speech where the audience was dial-group tested. The four jagged lines (in red, yellow, blue and green) super-imposed over the speaker correspond to the second-by-second reactions that various groups of viewers had to the speaker as he was talking. This particular image displays the most recent 28 seconds' worth of moment-by-moment audience reaction.

During the test, each member of the audience held a dial in his/her hands, similar to the one shown above. Audience members watched the presentation while simultaneously turning the dial between zero and 100, registering how comprehensible the content of the presentation was as it was being delivered.

Men ages 50+, represented by the red line, registered the most positive reaction to the speaker. Women ages 50+, represented by the blue line, showed the most negative reaction, particularly in the first 10-12 seconds of the presentation, when their line plummeted more than 20 points before starting to rebound. (The younger male and female audiences, in green and yellow respectively, were right in the middle.) At Presentation Testing, our focus is on testing business presentations from beginning to end, determining where the weak spots are, and then working with our clients to revise and strengthen the words and images they deliver.