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Events By Phone

A “phone event” enables you to call tens of thousands of people across the United States simultaneously. Think of a “phone event” as a call-in radio talk show conducted over the phone. Unlike a radio show, however, a “phone event” incorporates far more interactivity with listeners than a radio broadcast could ever provide.

The host of the phone event controls who’s in the audience by dialing to a pre-determined list of call recipients. The recipients who agree to participate on the call are encouraged by the host to get into a queue to ask a question, use their telephone keypads to answer survey questions posed by the host and leave a voicemail message at the end of the phone event providing audio feedback. All phone events are audio-recorded and available for future broadcast/distribution at your discretion. Click here to see the Events by Phone interface.

Events by Phone can be used in the private, non-profit and political sectors alike. Among the many applications are:


Private Sector
  • Investor Relations
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Crisis Management
  • Fan & Ticket Holder Events
Non-Profit Sector
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Membership & Subscription Retention Programs
  • Alumni Relations
  • Emergency Planning
Political Sector
  • Constituent Relations
  • Campaign Outreach
  • Ballot Initiative Forums


Indeed, because ours is a convenient, simple, and scalable application, the uses are limited only by collective imagination and market need.

The Competitive Advantage

Use Events By Phone when time, staff resources, geography and space constraints limit the reach of your efforts.

On the surface, Events By Phone share similar qualities to dial-in conference calls, webinars, and call-in radio shows. However, experience and studies validate that ours is a much more intimate forum for all participants.

Unlike radio, Events By Phone does not require a large staff or sophisticated equipment to hold a high-quality event. Unlike webinars that require proactive steps by those on the receiving end (such as being in front of a computer, logging on, etc.), the phone event host dials audience members, reinforcing your commitment to customer service by conveniently bringing compelling content to them.

Also, unlike traditional conference calls, our dial-out service is far less expensive and more scalable than dial-in conference call programs. And because the "phone event" is controlled by the host, this method creates an appearance that only a select special few have been invited to participate—even though the call can accommodate tens of thousands simultaneously.

Events By Phone's marriage of disparate conference call, webinar, and radio elements allows organizations to relate useful information in an entertaining format that captures and holds audience attention far greater than any other medium allows for. It's an ideal application for you to strengthen existing client relationships.

The data-mining potential is considerable. The capacity exists to link the names (and contact information) of each call participant with how many minutes they spent on the call, whether they got into the queue to ask a question, how they answered each touch-pad survey question, and whether the person left a message at the end of the call.

For information about how Events by Phone can enhance your organization, please contact us.