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Presentation Testing Strengthens Your Presentation-And Your Business

This wireless hand-held dial gathers an audience member's moment-to-moment reaction.

Presentation Testing, Inc. is a cutting-edge company that uses dial technology-and our own professional interpretation of the data generated by that technology-to test and improve the effectiveness of presentations. On a moment-to-moment basis, we quantify how well an audience understands, or is interested in, a presentation. We can also measure how strongly audiences agree with the content, to what degree they believe it, or how useful the information is to them.

What we learn by testing audience members' turning their dials is far greater than what one can glean solely by asking questions in a traditional focus group, or with traditional key-pad audience response systems. Just think: On a second-by-second basis, we can quantify what everyone in an audience is thinking about your presentation-from beginning to end. And we can identify the "weak spots" that bore or confuse an audience-and work with you to revise these portions.

The dial technology that we use at Presentation Testing has for years been widely employed for ad testing, political research, media testing, and jury testing. We specialize in two other particular applications: business and advocacy presentation testing. It's the kind of testing that strengthens your presentation-and your business or cause.