You can communicate more effectively and close more sales. You can shift public opinion in settings large and small. Before you talk to an audience, do what these people did and talk to us first:

Marian Hopkins, SVP, Business Roundtable

“Business Roundtable has been relying on Presentation Testing’s high-quality research since 2004. In the intervening years, we’ve derived great value from the many messaging insights Rich and his team have provided to us on a wide range of issues. Rich is thoughtful, trustworthy, responsive, and easy to work with—exactly what an association would want from a vendor.” 

Kevin Seifert, Executive Director, Team Ryan

“Rich Thau has worked with Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans for many years, and he has been instrumental in making sure we communicate complex ideas and policies effectively. The work that Presentation Testing, Inc. performs makes a big impact on issue after issue. Rich and his team at Presentation Testing Inc. are absolute professionals who always get the job done.” 

Mike Shields, President, American Action Network

“I’ve seen firsthand how Rich Thau has earned the respect of leaders in Washington. Through years of conducting insightful messaging research, Rich has helped his clients avoid costly communications mistakes and get their own messages right. And, in a world where many public opinion researchers tweet out every thought, and fight to get face time on TV, Rich stands out precisely because he quietly flies below the radar.” 

Jay Faison, Founder, ClearPath Foundation

“ClearPath has used Presentation Testing on numerous projects, and we have been thrilled with their professionalism and work product.  Rich Thau really understands how to get into the psyche of voters and pull out deep insights and messages.  We wholeheartedly recommend them.” 

Matthew Haller, SVP of public affairs, International Franchise Association

“Presentation Testing helped IFA reframe our messaging in order to resonate with a broader audience amid significant regulatory challenges our membership are confronting. Utilizing a combination of in-depth interviews, dial tests and national surveys, we were able to build off their research to develop a comprehensive communications and public affairs campaign to improve the awareness and understanding of the franchise business model among key audiences and support our advocacy efforts at a federal, state and local level.”

Lisa Harrison, SVP of Communications, American Iron and Steel Institute

“Presentation Testing provided thorough, quality information and messages to help ensure our industry speaks with one voice in our communications and advocacy.  Rich Thau was energetic, committed, and a dynamic resource, and I would recommend Rich and his team for any messaging initiative.”

Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., President, Age Wave


"When you drill down to what your audience is really thinking moment-by-moment, you can ensure your subsequent presentations are believable, interesting, and understandable to everyone in the audience."



David C. John, former Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

"Rich Thau provides research that you can trust. He goes into the depths of an issue to identify why people feel as they do about a proposal, and explains it in clear, simple terms. He knows the power of words and can help to craft a message or an approach that your audience can understand and identify with. Rich can show you what people really believe about an issue and why."

James Lake, President at Gibraltar Associates

"Rich's work in the research and analysis field is unparalleled. He provides a thorough and detailed work product that is on target, on budget, and on time."

John O'Leary, former marketing leader at Genworth Financial

“The learning from Rich's research enabled us to revise the marketing messaging and delivery for our entire campaign. This has resulted in a doubling of enrollment when directly compared with our old campaign, and consistently excellent results whenever the new campaign has been used. I would highly recommend Rich not just for his innovative research techniques but for the marketing insight he provides during the project process.”

Rob Gluck, Managing Director, High Lantern Group

“I worked closely with Rich on a project for a mutual client, in which the goal was to map stakeholder perceptions for use in building a plan to improve the client's long term reputation. Rich's work was high quality and extremely thorough, and he has many years of experience in this area. I would enthusiastically recommend Rich for stakeholder and reputation research.”

Andrew Biggs, former Deputy Commissioner of Social Security, Social Security Administration

“I've had the pleasure of working with Rich and Presentation Testing on a number of occasions and each time have come away impressed with their work. Rich is a sharp, honest analyst whose methods produce unexpected results that might not be turned up in any other way. Can't recommend too highly.”

Andrew Shore, Partner at Jochum Shore & Trossevin

“Rich first attended the Congressional Republican Members’ Retreat in 2005 to present his data on Social Security reform. He blew the crowd away with his knowledge, depth and professionalism. He's been invited back every year since, and I know that policymakers look forward to his presentation, advice, and counsel. He's the best in the business.”

David Paull, President/Founder, Dialsmith, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rich for many years and he is always the ultimate professional. Rich is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers not only on what he promises, but always goes above and beyond to exceed expectations or just lend a helping hand. Through the years we have had the opportunity to hire one another and offer advice and counsel to each other. I look forward to working with Rich anytime the need arises and highly recommend him and his firm.”

Hon. Tim Penny, President, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation

“I first came to work with Rich during my later Congressional days and have interacted with him on a number of projects since that time. I find him to be among the more creative players in the public policy arena. I have always admired his ability to effectively shape the discussion around complicated public policy issues. I appreciate his emphasis on engaging the broader public and moving beyond the interest group-dominated nature of so much of our nation's political discourse.”

Michael L. Giuliani, former executive director at Choose Responsibility

“Rich was vital to our organization’s effort to distill a difficult issue into a manageable and effective message. His professionalism and attention to detail are the traits we needed to formulate our public relations efforts. When the opportunity presents itself I will be working with Rich again.”

Mindy Finn, former Partner, Engage

“Rich Thau is smart, innovative, results-driven, and most importantly, a great person. I had the fortunate experience of meeting Rich when we both presented to the U.S. House Chiefs of Staff. Since that point, I've benefited significantly from his insights and from his gracious introductions to his vast network of professional contacts. I'm better personally and professionally thanks to Rich Thau and look forward to any opportunity to collaborate!”

John Corrieri, Principal at C2 Benefits Communications

“I have leveraged Rich’s expertise a number of times over the last several years. His methodology of evaluating marketing concepts by obtaining immediate feedback from participants who represent my target market has proven to be extremely effective. Presentation Testing is the best way that I have found to quickly determine whether a message is on point, needs to be slightly adjusted, or completely overhauled.”

Jon Last, President, Sports and Leisure Research Group

“Rich has been a trusted and highly valued friend and colleague for over twenty years. He is one of the most intelligent and impressive people that I've ever had the pleasure to associate with. He is both a trusted advisor and confidante and an exceptionally skilled and insightful business professional.”

Derrick Max, Project Director at Arthur S. De Moss Foundation

“I have used Rich Thau's work extensively and have recommended him repeatedly to colleagues and friends. Rich is thorough, provides solid and actionable recommendations, and goes beyond what is asked to ensure that his results are accurate and meaningful. I have used many pollsters, testers, PR experts and writers -- but none provide the value added of Presentation Testing. Rich's integrity and creativity are unmatched.”

Shahira Knight, Vice President at Fidelity Investments

“I have been exposed to Rich's work while I worked on the Hill and in the private sector. He conducts outstanding message testing to help policymakers understand the public's feelings on various issues, and the best way to talk about issues when presenting policy ideas to the public. Rich develops exceptional knowledge about public sentiment on various issues and does an excellent job of presenting and relaying this information to his clients. His work product is detailed, involved, and thorough. This adds tremendous value in message development. I highly recommend his work.”

Bob McNally, President at The Rapidan Group

“Rich Thau is one of the smartest, hardworking, and pleasant professionals with whom I have worked. His professionalism and objectivity are top notch, and his analytical skills are finely honed.”

Brian Gottlieb, Owner/President, Got-Focus LLC

“Rich is a very intelligent, extremely professional opinion research consultant. His company's products utilize the most advanced qual-quant research techniques in the market today. Rich is truly an expert in our field, and I highly recommend Rich and Presentation Testing.”